About Us

PitchPrint is a Fast and Affordable Web-to-Print platform you connect to your webstore that enables your customers to personalise any of your products and preview them in 3D before placing orders. 

We believe that the Quicker your customers design, the Faster they checkout. The more sales you make with our app…PitchPrint allows your site visitors to customize their designs from the language to the themes and layout, you can customize the app to blend right into your store's look and feel. Every design can be assigned different resources like images, backgrounds, colors, text arts, fonts etc and elements on the canvas can be locked from edit or movement. With our amazing intuitive app, you can also include your own CSS or Custom JavaScript code to add functionalities. More so, you can edit the HTML to remove features you don't need.Here are some of the categories that can be customized using PitchPrint:

With PitchPrint, your customers get to view their customization of any of the products mentioned above in 3D previews and they can also pan around or zoom to any angle in 3D. This greatly enhances their experience, breathing life to their designs and enabling confidence to make a purchase.